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Super Mario Kart : 1992

This Game had a permanent which showed the place you where in in the race, when you get gold coins it shows in the bottom right. The graphics in this game was 16 bit. This game also had a action hud because the colours change as you drive around the course. In this game there was no pull up hud.

Mario Kart 64 : 1996

Released on SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game had updated graphics and it added the pictures of who was in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place also your position in the race. this permanent hud now showed your time of your laps and your laps. and everything else was the same.

Mario Kart Super Circuit : 2001

This Mario Kart brought in the box at the top which shows you which weapon you pick up. and the bent arrow is indicating that the character is going the wrong way and that you need to turn around so those 2 new features are part of the action hud because they are both impacted on what the player has done.

Mario Kart Double Dash : 2003

This game was released on Nintendo Ds and it was a new concept because it was a joint effort to win the game because instead of just having 1 character it switched to 2 characters. The Ds Hud was a little bit different because there wasn’t only one screen there was now two.

Mario Kart Arcade GP & Ds: 2005

These two games released in 2005, changed the game of Mario Kart because bringing it to the arcade made it feel like you were really in the game because of the seats and wheel and pedals. The Mario Kart on Ds also changed the game because in the bottom screen now appeared a 2D map which follows you as you drive. and some of the hud’s moved to the bottom screen instead of the top. such as time and picture of the position the other people where in.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2: 2007

This was basically the same as the first Mario Kart Arcade GP but it had upgraded features like the seats and driving wheel.

Mario Kart Wii : 2008


Mario Kart Wii was a also what changed the game as it added a portable driving wheel when you bought the game that you use with the Nintendo Wii remote, because of this feature it made the game very popular even though it was already a very popular game.