The Music of Grand Theft Auto V is the soundtrack to the video game  Grand Theft Auto V. The soundtrack was released digitally on 24 September 2013 in three volumes, including an original score composed for the game in addition to selections from songs that were licensed for the in game radio. The retail version of the soundtrack was released on 9 December 2014 for CD and vinyl. The game is the first in its series to include an original score; the work was shared between a team of producers who collaborated with each other during the games development. Critical reception to the soundtrack was positive, as reviewers considered that the music had been appropriated effectively for gameplay.

The Grand Theft Auto soundtrack is so popular and catchy because it plays throughout the whole game when you are in different missions.

Diegetic and Non – Diegetic sounds are:

Sound whose source is neither visible on the screen nor has been implied to be present in the action: narrator’s commentary. sound effects which is added for the dramatic effect. mood music.

The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V Was Made By: Allen Walker & Craig Connor.


The Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack features various radio stations that play different genres of music when the player enters vehicles in the game. The stations consist of licensed music, DJ chat and spoof advertising. The game features 18 in-game stations with 240 licensed songs, 16 of which are musical stations and the other two are talk stations.

Since the game’s location is modelled on southern California, the developers attempted to create an accurate representation of Californian music. Production of the soundtrack also consisted of licensing music for the radio stations, and selecting a DJ that matches the genre of music the station hosts. The soundtrack consists of a wide variety of radio stations that play different genres of music, including Reggae, Hip Hop, Pop and country. The game also features an original and dynamic score composed by Tangerine Dream which is a german electric music group founded in 1967.

My Second Loop Song For My Car Game:



29/11/16:  I started my music research for Grand Theft Auto.

06/12/16: I demonstrated the use of diegetic and Non Diegetic sounds. Then started the first part of my music for the car game.

10/01/17: I started research on the game soundtrack. I finished the first part of music for my car game.

17/01/17: Finished game research and started to create my second Audio loop for the car game.

24/01/17: I improved on my first audio loop for the car game i did. I did a little bit to improve my second audio piece.

31/01/17: I started to experimenting with more sounds and other ways to make my music a bit better.

07/02/17: I published everything on WordPress and categorised and tagged it all.