I got my ideas for my posters from looking at buildings around London and things that could be used as landmarks. My ideas developed from looking at landmarks around London and other posters, my ideas also changed from the softwares that i used, such as photoshop and illustrator because in my final poster i used the brush tool to draw the buildings instead of my first two which were created using photoshop and real photos. I think that my overall designs for my posters were colourful and they would attract the right audience. I am happy with the software that i used to create these posters because i used a variety of different ways to create them, if i was to recreate them i would make my second poster from illustrator. The colour scheme i used was accurate to the London Festival Of Architecture theme, but if i was to change it i would make the backgrounds and the overall colour scheme darker. The project didn’t take too long to make because i researched the buildings and worked off them.