Forza Horizon 3 has quite a simple Game HUD but it gives you most of the information you need. This HUD is the permanent hud that is always up no matter where you go in the game because it shows a speedometer and a map. Forza also has a lot of action HUDs that you don’t always see, depending on the way you drive but it has an action hud that pops up showing the condition of your car and also if you decide to enter a race it will show up with your position throughout the race. This would normally be a permanent hud but because the newer versions of Forza have allowed you to drive freely in-between races, it doesn’t always show up because you won’t always be in a race.


The Dashboards in this game also show everything that the third person HUD shows you because it continues to be an active permanent HUD. First Person View in this game shows you the dashboard of the cars you drive, which is different for each car. The interiors of the cars in this game are from modern high end sports cars as it is a racing game.


  1. BuckWildz
  2. 2SS
  3. 90’s KIDz

This Motorcycle HUD shows a view from the persons helmet and it has things like the fuel gage off to the right along with the speed that the bike is travelling at. This HUD also shows the distance he has to travel and how to get there with the 3D map out on the front of the bike. These things are not usually presented this way in real life, which shows that this is a HUD from a game but in real life you still get mirrors and handle bars that look like that.

This is a real look at a motorcycles HUD with the MPH and Fuel intake on the front of the bike instead of on the outside. For the design of my HUD i’m going to be using both of these 2 methods.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-13-23-39Super Mario Kart : 1992

This Game had a permanent which showed the place you where in in the race, when you get gold coins it shows in the bottom right. The graphics in this game was 16 bit. This game also had a action hud because the colours change as you drive around the course. In this game there was no pull up hud.

Mario Kart 64 : 1996

Released on SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game had updated graphics and it added the pictures of who was in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place also your position in the race. this permanent hud now showed your time of your laps and your laps. and everything else was the same.

Mario Kart Super Circuit : 2001

This Mario Kart brought in the box at the top which shows you which weapon you pick up. and the bent arrow is indicating that the character is going the wrong way and that you need to turn around so those 2 new features are part of the action hud because they are both impacted on what the player has done.

Mario Kart Double Dash : 2003

This game was released on Nintendo Ds and it was a new concept because it was a joint effort to win the game because instead of just having 1 character it switched to 2 characters. The Ds Hud was a little bit different because there wasn’t only one screen there was now two.

Mario Kart Arcade GP & Ds: 2005

These two games released in 2005, changed the game of Mario Kart because bringing it to the arcade made it feel like you were really in the game because of the seats and wheel and pedals. The Mario Kart on Ds also changed the game because in the bottom screen now appeared a 2D map which follows you as you drive. and some of the hud’s moved to the bottom screen instead of the top. such as time and picture of the position the other people where in.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2: 2007

This was basically the same as the first Mario Kart Arcade GP but it had upgraded features like the seats and driving wheel.

Mario Kart Wii : 2008

Mario Kart Wii was a also what changed the game as it added a portable driving wheel when you bought the game that you use with the Nintendo Wii remote, because of this feature it made the game very popular even though it was already a very popular game.

Ive taken ideas from steering wheels such as the Audi.



I made a mood board out of different pictures of some of my favourite game HUDs showing health, ammo, a map, money, wanted levels & Weapons.

  1. permanent Hud: Always On.
  2. Pull Up Hud: Determined by user.
  3. Action Hud: Event Triggered By Gameplay.

In Grand Theft Auto V the Permanent Hud has the map and health up all the time. The Pull up hud for Grand Theft auto V is the money and making the map bigger. The Action Hud for Grand Theft Auto V is the wanted level, the ammo, health and stamina.

Intellectual Property is:

Having the right type of intellectual property protection helps you to stop people stealing or copying:

  • the names of your products or brands
  • your inventions
  • the design or look of your products
  • things you write, make or produce

Copyright, patents, designs and trade marks are all types of intellectual property protection. You get some types of protection automatically, others you have to apply for.

Red Bull & Monster Energy Brand Building:

A pioneer in energy drinks three decades ago, Red Bull is now the world sales leader with estimated 2012 fiscal sales of over $3 billion, profits over $400 million, and a 43% leading US dollar market. To establish a new category in the face of Coke and Pepsi and then hold it for decades is very impressive.

  1. Red Bull’s brand building is largely based on associating its brand with an amazingly wide range of people, teams and events.
  2. Red Bull believes in owning teams and events rather than being one of several sponsors.
  3. Because of this ownership model, they can and have turned this buzz machine into a profit center.
  4. Their on-brand activities reflect two very different personalities that live side by side.

Monster Energy drinks:

when it comes to building Brand Love. Monster is currently valued at $27bn on the NASDAQ and, at times, has been more profitable per employee than Apple.

Monster has grown its market share from nothing to become the market leader in the US market, surpassing its rival, big-spender Red Bull and it did so without investing a penny on advertising.

Law, morality and ethics. Law is intended to, at a fundamental level, reflect and enforce the moral and ethical standards of a civilised society. The first thing that should be understood is the slight difference between morals and ethics.